Tips for Purchasing Walking Shoes for Overweight Women

5 Tips for Purchasing Walking Shoes for Overweight Women

Even though women usually choose the footwear based on their tastes, design, and trend, ladies with excess weight have no choice but to purchase the walking shoes. This type of footwear has a host features, but unfortunately, most of them don’t suit overweight women.

If you already have the walking shoes and they cause the foot pain, it indicates you chose the wrong shoes. With the shopping tips and tricks mentioned below, hopefully you won’t have trouble picking your pair of walking shoes.

1. First, check out the outsole

The walking shoes will never make your feet happy if they have the wrong outsole. Your feet need something extra quality to absorb the pressure that your excess weight put on them. Most models of the walking shoes have a rubber outsole and this is what you should focus on. If you can afford, invest in a high quality shoes that feature a very thick rubber outsole with excellent slip-resistance and traction. Such footwear will reduce your risk of falling and help you keep balance as you stand or walk.

2. Opt for tons of cushioning

In order to be sure that your walking shoes absorb most of the shock and pressure that come from walking, check out the insole and see if it provides plenty of cushioning. Such absorption helps you walk longer without developing the foot ache. Choose the walking shoes based on your weight. This way, you’ll receive the ideal cushioning.

3. Choose the lightweight footwear

Unless you’re buying the shoes for tennis, always go for lightweight yet quality models. Heavy shoes put additional pressure on your feet, making your foot pain more severe. Choose the lightweight footwear that is made of durable materials and offers sufficient support and cushioning.

It’s not easy to find high-quality lightweight footwear, though. Always walk around the shoe or retail store for at least 15 minutes. This will help you determine whether your walking shoes are lightweight and which kind of support and cushioning they provide.

4. Pay attention to arch support

Determine which type of arch support you need – mild, medium, or strong. Overweight women often face numerous foot problems, including plantar fasciitis. Depending on the shape of your feet and your foot issues, choose an arch support that is the best for you. In case you suffer from severe overpronation, opt for the motion control walking shoes that help to correct the pronation and provide the right support for your arch.

5. Ensure your walking shoes offer maximum breathability

Many women skip this fact when choosing the footwear. However, overweight women should never commit this mistake. Since your feet tend to sweat fast, you need to wear the walking shoes with the highest level of breathability possible. Check out the upper material and try to choose mesh – the material that provides the circulation of air.

When it comes to buying walking shoes for overweight women, it’s vital to consider these five factors to be sure you’re choosing the right footwear for your weight. Not only will the right walking shoes alleviate the foot pain, but they’ll also provide a great level of comfort.