Reasons Overweight Women Should Wear Walking Shoes Only

5 Reasons Overweight Women Should Wear Walking Shoes Only

Being an overweight woman is never fun. You often experience the aching body, general discomfort, and worse, chronic foot pain at the end of the day. The numerous studies show that obese women who experience a constant foot pain usually wear the wrong shoes.

Since your feet absorb more than one and a half times your total weight when you walk, it’s critical to wear the right shoe type. The walking shoes for overweight women might not be trendy – these aren’t stilettoes. But they do their major job. The walking shoes ensure comfortable walking, a great arch support, and most importantly, relieve and prevent the foot pain.

1. Walking is good for your heart

Obese women have a high risk of heart disease and stroke. Walking is one of the best activities for healthy heart, but it’s hard to walk long distances in the stilettos. Walking shoes are comfortable and they provide a good arch support and stability. They also help to reduce the pressure on the feet when you walk, increasing your strolling time.

2. Walking shoes are ideal for flat feet

Overweight women with flat feet experience enormous discomfort and foot pain. The right footwear with a proper arch support usually helps to solve the problem. As you gain more weight, you’re putting extra pressure on your feet, which may lead to pronation problems and fallen arches. You may prevent these problems by wearing the right walking shoes.

3. Walking aids in weight loss

Do you know that you can walk off up to 15 pounds? A 30-minute walk helps to burn about 400 calories. When you walk 30 minutes twice a day, it’s already a bunch of burnt calories. If you’re overweight, aim to walk at least 2-3 hours a day to shed off pounds. The right walking shoes will make your walking workouts more comfortable. Consider buying the sneakers designed specifically for walking or opt for a pair of sandals that have a great cushioning system.

4. Walking shoes are suitable for daily workouts too

When you’re tight on money, you can’t purchase a few pairs of shoes for each activity. If you work out each day – either at home or in the gym – and work on the feet all day long, the walking shoes are a versatile footwear choice that obese women should make. Of course, if you pick the sandals or slip-ons for walking, you won’t be wearing them to the gym. The walking shoes may tolerate even intense workouts, so save on training shoes and invest in high-quality walking shoes instead.

5. Do the chores

Overweight women have trouble cleaning the house and accomplishing the other chores. The aching feet seem to never stop. Try doing the chores in the walking shoes and you’ll instantly see the difference. Just make sure your footwear has a great support and cushioning.

There are many reasons why overweight women should wear walking shoes everywhere – even at home. They’re super comfortable, but most importantly, they help to relieve and reduce the foot pain that unfortunately obese people experience regularly.