Care Tips for Walking Shoes for Women

7 Care Tips for Walking Shoes for Women

Are you wondering how to take care of your walking shoes to prolong their lifespan? You’ve probably noticed that most shoe manufacturers don’t really provide a host of tips on how to care for walking shoes for women and how to make them last.

Simple hand washing your footwear isn’t enough as they can wear off super fast – even the pricey footwear. Provide your walking shoes with the best after-purchase care possible with the following tips:

1. Clean the shoes right after exposing them to dirt

Never soak the walking shoes into the water for hours and don’t clean them in the washing machine. Use a soft-bristled brush (or your old toothbrush or a special shoe brush) to clean the outsole. If your shoes are still dirty, create a soapy mixture by combining a tiny amount of laundry detergent with warm water.

Use a sponge to apply the mixture to the dirty areas. Slightly rub them and rinse the detergent off using a clean sponge and lukewarm water. Repeat the procedure several times to remove any persistent stains. You can use this method to clean the insoles as well.

2. Always air dry them

While it may take several hours to air dry your walking shoes, this shoe care tip is of really vital importance. Don’t dry your walking shoes in the dryer as it can seriously damage them and reduce their lifespan.

3. Stop wearing them if you see any damages

Be it a tiny torn part, scratch, or damaged outsole, look for a professional shoe doctor immediately. Fixing the tiny problem is easier than the bigger one. Plus, you can save your favorite pair of shoes and avoid any battle scars on them.

4. Store them nicely

The majority of women confess they store their walking shoes somewhere in the drawer or under the bed section. The way you maintain your footwear determines how long they’ll serve you. If you aren’t planning on wearing your walking shoes, be sure they’re well cleaned and conditioned. Store them in the place where there’s a little air flow that will allow your footwear to breathe and “live.”

5. Prevent your walking shoes from getting squished

Whether you just store your shoes or wear them daily, keeping them in shape is crucial. Just think, the misshapen and overly creased walking shoes don’t look nicely, do they? If your footwear is prone to getting squished, stuff it with cotton or soft clothing to keep it in shape.

6. Keep your shoes away from pets

This goes without say, yet many women let their beloved pets to “hang out” with their shoes. Your pet may not touch your footwear today, but you never know how your pup will behave tomorrow. Avoid a serious headache by storing your walking shoes away from your animals.

7. Mind your climate

If the air in your area is too dry, condition your walking shoes more often. In case you live in a very humid place, consider keeping a moisture absorbing gel near the shoes.

Follow these care tips for walking shoes for women and you’ll add up to 2 years to your footwear’s life. Sounds funny, but it’s true. Give them a try!