How to Buy the Walking Shoes That Won’t Hurt

How to Buy Walking Shoes That Won’t Hurt

Given a choice between the heels and walking shoes, even the most fashionable women often opt the last ones. The key is to identify precisely what things make a footwear (a great-looking shoe, mind you) supportive, safe, and comfortable.

Not all walking shoes provide a recommended and needed level of comfort and they may even cause blisters, aching feet, and other foot problems. If you have trouble buying walking shoes that don’t hurt, check out the following tips:

1. Get fit right

This is crucially important! If your walking shoes don’t fit right, your feet will keep hurting and suffering for many months to come. Take your time to try on and walk around in your potential footwear. The salesmen don’t like such clients, but try to ignore their attempts to fit you into the wrong shoes. Trust your walking comfort to yourself only.

If you’re purchasing your walking shoes online, look for online footwear stores that have foot analysis. This way, you won’t have any size issues when you get your shoes. Also, don’t believe into the myth that it’s better to buy tight shoes as they tend to stretch. It’s not about the quality footwear.

2. Pick flexible shoes

The high quality walking shoes are always flexible and this indicates the comfort walk with no foot pain. Bend and twist the shoes. They must easily twist and bend at the foot ball. If the shoes bend in the middle of the arch, skip them. Finish your footwear testing by poking the toe of the shoes. Is it slightly off the ground? Does it rock? If your answer is “yes,” you’re about to buy the right walking shoes that honestly won’t hurt.

3. Say no to flared soles

This might be the only source of your foot pain. The walking shoes should be as flat as possible, albeit some platform is possible if you need a strong arch support. If you can’t stand the flat footwear, choose the walking shoes with the heel that’s no more than an inch higher than the sole under the foot ball.

4. Determine whether you need a special motion control

Even though overweight women typically opt for motion control shoes, you may need the pair as well. The walking shoes with a motion control are a lot heavier than the regular models and they offer a special support and correction for women who overpronate. Visit any professional running shoe store and get your gait analyzed to determine whether you overpronate and need the footwear with a special motion control.

5. Don’t be afraid to splurge

You don’t have to spend a fortune on the pair of walking shoes, but purchasing very cheap footwear may leave you with aching feet and other foot problems. Avoid buying the shoes that cost less than $50 unless you’re sure they’re really of high quality.

Women need at least one pair of walking shoes to keep their feet happy and pain-free while doing the chores or traveling. Consider the tips mentioned above and you’ll finally find the right shoes for you.