Reasons Walking Shoes Have Become Trendier Than Heels

6 Reasons Walking Shoes Have Become Trendier Than Stilettos

The heels have always been considered a sign of femininity, but today more and more women ditch this trend. Whether it’s because of all those studies and statistics that show how dangerous the heels are women have finally learned to choose comfort over beauty, the fact is walking shoes are all the rage now. Pregnant women, businesswomen, and college gals wear a variety of walking shoes and here’s why:

1. Save time

It sounds ridiculous but walking shoes can help you save tons of time. No matter how good are you at wearing the heels, you’re less likely to walk fast. The walking shoes let you walk or even run fast and thus run the errands more efficiently and without blisters and aching feet.

2. Save money

How far could you walk in your stilettos? When your feet hurt, you’re ready to splurge on a taxi to get to your home faster. The metro, car, and buses cost money too. Why not cut your commuting costs by switching to the walking shoes? Walking is good for your overall health, after all.

3. Get mid-foot support

There’s a moment when your feet will be making full contact with the ground, as each of your feet rolls from the heel to toes. The soles of most walking shoes are designed for a full ground contact, which is specific to the right walking gait. Many rich women throw away the heels because of this reason.

4. Stay slim and trim

Walking is one of the most powerful activities that help burn calories and fats. Some trainers claim that walking is an excellent workout that helps to lose weight and keep it off. When you wear the stilettos, your desire of walking diminishes. So if you’re looking to drop some unwanted pounds, try wearing the walking shoes day by day.

5. Sculpt the legs

Even though walking in any type of shoes tones up your calves and butt, the walking shoes speed up the process. Instead of running or jogging to sculpt your legs, take a stroll to the nearest park to have your lunch or skip the bus or car and get home on foot. Music will make your walking experience more pleasant.

6. Improve your posture

There’s a popular belief that the high heels help improve the posture. The reality is, the heels can ruin your posture. When you tilt the back heels up, your upper body automatically leans back to avoid overhanging toppling over. The longer you stand in the heels, the more your feet are tilted up.

This leads to a chain reaction that causes your hips to counterweight your high heels by tilting your pelvis a bit forward. This put extra pressure on your lower back, causing headaches, back pain, and gradually developing permanent postural disorders, such as knee valgus, pelvic anteversion, lumbar hyperlordosis, and forward head posture.

Stilettos are beautiful yet how much are they practical? Comfort comes first and the right pair of walking shoes can significantly improve your well-being. Not to mention that they can help you drop weight.

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