Mistakes Women Commit When Wearing the Walking Shoes

7 Mistakes Women Commit When Wearing the Walking Shoes

Do you think there’s no wrong way to wear your walking shoes? The walking shoes are versatile and perhaps the simplest footwear out there, but we often wear them in the wrong way.

If you’re guilty of any mistakes that women often commit when wearing the walking shoes, you’re gradually ruining your shoes and cause harm to your feet.

1. Running in the walking shoes

No matter how quality and sturdy your walking shoes are, they’re not designed for running. The running shoes are more flexible and sturdier than the walking footwear. You can run a marathon in the walking shoes and even if you run a few miles daily, this mistake can kill your shoes in a month or less. Plus, a lot of women have reported a severe foot pain after running in the walking shoes.

2. Not replacing the shoes regularly

You may love your comfortable walking shoes so much that you’re ready to wear them in a poor condition. While you don’t have to buy a new pair of walking shoes each month, don’t wait until yours start looking worn and torn. If you walk a lot daily, aim to replace your walking shoes at least every 6 to 8 months. If you walk occasionally, do it once a year. This ill help you avoid the foot, knee, and back pains.

3. Playing sports in them

If you play basketball or tennis, make sure you have the pair of the shoes designed specifically for this activity. Playing sports in the walking shoes will lead to health problems in the long run, not to mention that you can wear them off very quickly.

4. Washing them

Washing your walking shoes in the washing machine is a big no no, especially when it comes to sneakers. It can actually unglue the walking shoe from its base.

5. Wearing them all the time

The walking shoes are the casual footwear that you can wear each day. But in reality, by wearing your shoes day by day you’re putting too much pressure on a particular part of your feet and don’t give this part a rest. Try mixing your footwear up at least twice a week.

6. You wear too tight or too loose shoes

There certainly must be a little space between the shoe box and your great toe, but your walking shoes don’t have to be tight or loose. Not only can wearing too tight or too loose shoes cause various foot problems, but also can reduce the lifespan of your shoes. Don’t stretch and don’t try to wear your tight shoes. Choose the walking shoes that do fit you right to make them last for longer.

7. Wearing them in the rain

Regardless of how sturdy your walking shoes are, never walk in them in the rain – especially if you wear suede shoes. The problem is, many types of shoes don’t return to their original condition after they get wet.

Avoid making these overlooked mistakes, take a good care of your footwear, and your walking shoes will serve you for many years to come.