What Tennis Shoes to Wear on Different Types of Courts

What Tennis Shoes to Wear on Different Types of Courts

Professional tennis players know how to choose the right shoes for each type of court. When you’re new to the tennis world, you may not think that each court requires its type of footwear.

If you strive to reach success on the court, wearing the same tennis shoes on different surfaces is a big mistake. Today, we’re going to discuss what tennis shoes you need for hard, clay and grass courts.

Hard courts

Hard courts are common and popular among both amateurs and pro tennis players since they suit many various playing styles. There are two kinds of hard courts such as synthetic and acrylic – both of them require sturdy shoes that will survive the tricky moves on the court.

Durability is one of the most critical things to look for in tennis shoes for hard courts. You need a highly durable outsole that can deal with the harsh demands of a hard court surface. Your shoes should also feature a reinforced toe-cap and sturdy upper that provides a recommended level of stability.

Finally, look for the hard court footwear that has the bounce-back feature and excellent cushioning. The right shoes will help to alleviate the foot pain you might experience on the court.

Grass courts

Grass courts are outdated and rarely used during the professional games, yet if you live in a small town, you’re more likely to find a grass court. The tennis shoes for grass courts should be tough, too. But they also must be flexible and anti-slippery. Look for the shoes with flexible upper so that your feet won’t be constricted.

Your tennis shoes should also feature a flatter outsole (often completely flat with no arch support), supreme traction underfoot, and an excellent grip since a glass court is rather slippery. The shoes that have some small pimples or nubs on the outsole will be the perfect choice as they provide safety and keep you in place during the game.

Clay courts

Made of crushed brick, stone, basalt, or shale, the clay courts aren’t easy to find and such courts are mostly for professional players. However, if you play on a clay court, consider purchasing the special footwear for it. When compared to grass and hard courts, clay courts slow down the ball and supply a stronger and higher bounce.

Since you move side to side before you set your feet during the game, you need to look for lateral support and great stability in your tennis shoes. Because a dusty clay court doesn’t provide a good traction, your tennis shoes should also feature the tight upper, durable sides, great grip, and a perfectly designed, quality outsole. All these features will keep your feet secure and prevent any shoe damages.

Sometimes you have no choice but play on the court that you don’t like or can’t play on. By choosing the right tennis shoes for a certain court surface, though, you will make your game safer and more comfortable. It doesn’t relate to the very cheap tennis shoes, though.