How to Choose Insoles for Sneakers for Flat Feet

How to Choose Insoles for Sneakers for Flat Feet

Running and walking with flat feet can cause over-pronation, which means your feet and legs will go inward with every step you’ll take. It, in turn, can lead to foot pain and injuries and reduce your overall performance.

The most effective way to prevent the pain and injuries as you run is to buy sneakers designed specifically for flat feet. But unfortunately, some shoes cause more discomfort than comfort. What can you do if you love the sneakers but don’t receive the support and comfort from them? Invest in the insoles. Here’s how to choose the best ones for sneakers for flat feet.

1. Opt for more cushioned insoles

Even if you purchase the sneakers designed for flat feet, they might not provide the support and cushioning your feet need. Look for the insoles with excellent cushioning for maximum support and unbeaten comfort. If your insoles don’t provide the comfort you need or cause even worse foot pain, it indicates that your feet crave a bigger support, not more cushioning, so learn to read the signals your feet are trying to send to you.

2. Or support insoles

The support insoles provide the increased stability and turn your casual sneakers into the performance boosters. Such insoles reduce a tendency for the feet to either over-pronate or supinate when running or walking. Plus, they help to combat discomfort in the knees, ankles, hip, neck, back, and head. The support insoles come in various profiles and models to suit most foot shapes and sneaker models.

3. High volume sneakers need the high volume insoles

If you have a pair of sneakers that are high volume and you suffer from foot pain during the walking or running, consider buying the high volume insoles. Low volume insoles are more suitable for casual sneakers and they simply create an additional mild support needed for flat feet.

4. Pay attention to the insole sizing

It’s always best to buy the insoles of the bigger size and trim them to fit your feet than buy the smaller size and just throw them away. If you should trim yours, cut unneeded length from the end of the insoles, when you place them in your sneakers. If you’re having trouble to choose between the sizes (for example, you wear a size 8.5 when the insoles are sized “7-8” and “9-10”), go for the next size up.

5. Check out the material

This is actually the last, if not none, thing that comes to our mind when we’re picking the insoles for sneakers for flat feet. Gel, foam, cork, and leather are among the most common and popular sneakers. But the foam works best for pressure relief, support, and cushioning.

6. Decide on the arch type

Flat feet are always in need of the arch support. Check out what your foot arch type is and which one will best suit your flat feet. Talk to your doctor to be sure the type of the arch support is suitable for you.

Choosing the insoles for sneakers for flat feet requires a bit more attention and cash as well. Follow the aforementioned tips to reach the highest level of comfort.