The Pros and Cons of Buying Accessories for Narrow Walkers

The Pros and Cons of Buying Accessories for Narrow Walkers

Accessories make our lives easier and our wallets emptier. Oftentimes, narrow walkers need some additional accessories to provide the higher level of comfort and convenience.

You may need an additional storage that you can attach to the side or front of your narrow rollator. Or, you may want to invest in a foam grip cover to make grasping easier. The question is, “Is it a business or an attempt to help people with walking difficulties?” Let’s see the pros and cons of buying accessories for your narrow walker.

Pro: Increase your narrow walker’s storage capacity

Unlike ordinary rollators that feature some bags and pockets, narrow walkers typically don’t feature them. If you’re looking to use your narrow walker outdoors, particularly when shopping, or while traveling, you’ll certainly need at least one bag. There’s a wide range of bags and baskets available these days. They come in different sizes so choose the one that will boost your walker’s storage capacity.

Con: Be ready to splurge

Don’t expect these accessories to be cheap or budget-friendly. You can end up spending average $30 on a simple bag or basket or $38 on a cup holder. Not to mention how expensive all those compact padded seats can be. Compare the prices in the different stores and look for discounts. You can also try making your own narrow walker accessories or ask your relatives to help you.

Pro: The variety of accessories is astonishing

When it comes to accessories for narrow walkers, the accessory possibilities are literally endless. The walker totes, bags, baskets, cup and cane holders (they might be separate), cell phone holders, drink holders, trays, pouches, cushions, foam grip covers, seat covers, fishing pole holders, mobility lights, cane and umbrella holsters, compact shopping bags, and many other accessories can turn your “plain” narrow walker into a really helpful vehicle.

Con: All those accessories can prevent you from easy moving

Any accessory can be useful, but it can negatively affect your stability and maneuverability. Let’s say, you can attach a cup holder or a compact shopping bag to your narrow walker. Your clothing can catch on a cup, umbrella, or cane holder and a shopping bag may harass your legs. A basket may fall down on the ground and it may be hard for you to bend and take it.

Pro: It’s stylish

Okay, this perk isn’t a perk for everyone, but for those who always want to stay trendy, an add-on accessory means a lot. Just like you buy accessories for your smartphone or laptop, you can find some trendy knick-knacks for your narrow walker too.

Con: You don’t need them

The initial goal of narrow walkers – like any other rollators – is to help you move when you have walking problems. High quality mobility aid is what you need. You don’t actually need all those expensive add-on accessories.

Accessories for narrow walkers can make your moving both comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time. Think twice before you buy any accessory, believing it will improve your daily walking. It’s all about business, after all.